Our Tig Courses will give you a foundation in basic metallurgy, preparation, joints, technique, and safety. With these courses, we will give you a fundamental understanding of how to weld various ferrous and non-ferrous metals, purging techniques, and heat control. You will also learn techniques for destructive testing your welds to ensure your getting the correct amount of penetration, providing a strong and reliable weld.

This course will teach you about:

  • Intro to Sheet Metal Panel Welding and Finishing

  • Pie Cutting

  • Back Purging

  • Exhaust and Intake fabrication techniques

  • Understanding of Chromoly Steel vs. Mild Steel

  • Roll Cage Fabrication

  • Measuring/Layout/Fixture Techniques

You can reserve your spot by clicking the registration link below.

There are only two requirements: a love of all things automotive, and the commitment to put in the work. This is a beginner-level classes, so there’s no experience necessary.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior in the garage or a complete novice, we’d love to have you in class!

If you have any questions you can call 844-713-0067


Everyone loves a bundle!! Take the Intro to Tig and the Advanced Tig Class in the same week and get a free development day on Wednesday for extra skills and advancement training, at no extra cost! That’s a $347 value! October 16-20, 2023



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