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  • Scams and Fraud Information

    There have been multiple Facebook accounts pretending to be Dave Kindig and Kindig-it Design, here is what to look out for and information about these scams.

    • Dave Kindig does not have a personal Facebook account he only has a verified Facebook Public Figure account. It is marked with a Blue Check next to the name.
    • Kindig-it Design is in the process of being verified now, you can tell it is us because the join date is 2009.
    • These scam pages will reshare our content to trick you into thinking it is us. They will also comment on our posts and try to get you to interact. We try to block those as quickly as we can.
    • We DO NOT do any cash giveaways and we will not have a link for you to sign in to “claim your prize” that is a scam trying to get login information from you.
    • There are other pages trying to get you to think we are getting you on our waiting list and that you need to make a sizeable deposit. WE ARE NOT TAKING ON BUILDS and we do not ask for deposits!!! DO NOT GIVE ANY FINANCIAL INFORMATION, CREDENTIALS, OR ANY OTHER INFORMATION.
    • Our only websites are and our emails are [name] no other email accounts. Our phone number is ONLY an 801 number.
    • Everything dealing with us is through us, no other agency.
    • We will not private message anyone out of the blue.
    • If it looks sketchy it’s probably because it is sketchy, do not interact.
    • We are not responsible for any interactions with these scammers, please do your own research and stay sharp.
    • If you have been scammed you need to file a report with your local police department.

    If you would like to notify us of a new scam, please email with subject line “Fraud”