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Meticulous attention to detail. That's what makes every car we produce a Bitchin' Ride. From start to finish, we move through every step of our process with painstaking precision.


It all starts with brainstorming big ideas. Our customers' four-wheeled fantasies collide with Dave's killer creativity, the sparks fly, and a dream car is ready to come to life. Every build is different-from cool classics to crazy customs-but each car is a one-of-a-kind labor of love that could only be made by Kindig-it Design.
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During the design stage, our mad genius awakens. Dave sketches out the concept in amazing detail. Body lines, stance, fenders, trim, lighting, glass-each component begins to take shape. With the exterior rendering in place, our team starts to breathe life into the vehicle off the paper. The chassis, engine, wiring, and interior move from concept to reality.
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This is where the dirty work is done. We acid dip, media blast, strengthen, repair, replace-whatever's needed to get the framework ready. We'll stretch, widen, chop, or change everything from wheel wells to wiring and engine bays to brakes until it's perfect. It ain't sexy, but it's essential.
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Grinding. Polishing. Perfecting. We spend hundreds of hours making sure each vehicle is flawless, from the engine bay to the bumpers. We're talking perfect reflections at a 3/4 angle, without any deviation between panels. Our team then creates beautiful, custom colors to paint each vehicle-many of which end up in the Modern Classic paint line.
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Now it's time to reassemble the chassis with the hardware, transmission, engine, and exhaust-which have all been plated, chromed, or detailed to the theme of the build. We take meticulous effort to make sure wiring is hidden, stereo systems are booming, and engines are purring with custom intake manifolds and exhaust headers. Our cars produce anywhere from 300 to 3,000 horsepower, depending on our customers' wants and needs.
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Dave and Justin Stephens (of JS Custom Interiors) have been working together longer than Kindig-it has been in business. Justin is able to transform Dave's renderings into true works of award-winning art, crafting hand-built door panels, center consoles, dashboards, leather headliners, and more for our cars. Justin's interior fabrication shop is located in our building, giving us complete control over quality, logistics, and timing.
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Once we finish a vehicle, we try to keep the final look under wraps until our customers can experience it first-hand. When they see their Kindig-it car for the first time, they're able to take in the art, the stance, the color, the smell, the sound, and the excitement all at once. Watching these reactions and seeing the surprise and satisfaction of our customers makes the months of hard work completely worthwhile.
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