Dave Kindig

Owner / Designer

They say car design is an art form with few real masters, but from concept and design to build and finished product, Dave Kindig has led the field with the unique skills and vision to craft truly one of a kind customs. Since 1999 Dave and his wife Charity have built Kindig-it Design together. A one-stop, complete custom shop where autos turn into spectacular works of art. With his engineering degree in Hot Wheels and Legos, Dave and drawing go hand in hand. With Dave at the helm, Kindig-it Design continues to turn out some of the most Bitchin’ RIDES on the planet. He loves that he gets to go to work every day and not really consider it “working” because it isn’t work if you’re having fun! Dave loves his wife Charity and kids Baylee & Drew. When Dave isn’t at work he can be found at the Golf Course, Local Concerts, and hanging out with his family & friends.

Charity Kindig

Vice President/ Owner

Whether it’s behind the scenes or in plain view, co-founder of the acclaimed business, wife of Dave Kindig, and mother of the two, Charity Kindig is the glue holding everything together. Oh, and did we mention she’s a die-hard car girl too? Well, we figured that was a given. A star in her own right, Charity has been interested in cars since she was a little girl. With a father who was a hot rodder and car club member and a mother who was certainly a fan of classic cars herself, Charity grew up knowing all about the hot rodder passion. Charity’s first car was her beloved ’67 Chevelle Malibu that her and her father built together. With the coolest car in the parking lot, Charity and her friends enjoyed cruising State Street in the Chevelle and frequenting dance clubs. It was at one of these clubs that she met the love of her life, Dave Kindig. As a young car enthusiast, Charity delved into the automotive hobby on the work front as well, claiming a parts-runner job at a local automotive shop. Once there, she worked her way up the ranks, eventually becoming a manager and overseeing the warehouse. After the aftermarket shop, her next automotive job was as co-owner of Kindig-It Design. For years, the thought of opening a custom shop was deeply seeded in Dave Kindig’s mind. He had been working out of the couple’s garage on various projects for family and friends, and wanted to take his passion for building and turn it into a full-time job. Charity was all for it, telling Dave that once their youngest child was born, he could quit his job and build a business of his own. It was just six weeks after the couple’s youngest child, Drew, was born that Dave quit his job, ready for the next adventure. Charity has taken her role in the company to great heights. Not only is she co-owner of the company, but she’s also the vice president, overseeing just about every part of the company.

Baylee Kindig

Marketing, Apparel, Website

Baylee Kindig grew up with and around the shop so it was a natural progression that at 16 she began working in the shop as a parts runner. She then worked her way to the front office receptionist. Nowadays she works upstairs with the big girls managing our Websites, Marketing, and Apparel. She and Charity also trade off on managing the shops Social Media. She literally had no previous experience but has bullshitted her way to the top and created a position nobody knew we needed but now cannot live without. She may have winged it but she does a killer job! She has dabbled in graphic design, photography, and the wonderful world of Microsoft & Adobe Programs. Overall she is your go-to girl and takes on any job we throw her. Baylee harbors a real love for Volkswagens fueled by her parent’s passion, she has a ’67 Beetle project car that is still sitting. She dreams of following in her parent’s footsteps and creating her own successful business someday. Baylee has a 4-year-old furbaby named Hooch and she is happily married to her husband Kaden, finally! You can also bet your ass Baylee wrote this bio, told you I manage the website.

Kevin Schiele

Shop Foreman

Kevin Schiele has worked for Kindig-it Design since 2004 and runs the over 27,000 square foot facility. He has a passion for the industry and has spent many long hours in the shop making sure that every build is just right. Kevin specializes in air ride suspension but is truly a jack of all trades. Kevin is also Kindig-it Design’s Mother Trucker and can be seen on the highways of America cruising around in the Kindig-it Rig heading to and from the next big show. He is a proud member of Severed Ties Truck Club, the Salt Lake Chapter, and has personally built three over the top custom sports trucks. Kevin enjoys long walks on the beach, boating, and sea turtles.

Valerie Gillies

Business Office Manager

Miss “Vintage Valerie” has been a huge part of the Kindig-It team since 2003 Valerie is responsible for the inner workings and fine-tuning of Kindig-it Design—everything from collections, customer relations, and managing client builds to keeping the fellas, including Dave, in the right direction.

Valerie has a vibrant personality that matches her love to shoot “Pin-up.” Her laugh is completely infectious, and she’s maintained great relationships with all of Kindig-it Designs customers for well over a decade.

Will Lockwood


Will grew up on hot rod magazines and started playing with RC cars at age 11. Will took vocational classes in auto body and mechanics that saved him in high school, and he used that training to work on Abrams tanks in the Army during Operation Desert Storm.

Once out of the Army, Will started at HPC in 1992 where he met Dave Kindig. When Dave said he was opening his own shop and needed help getting his drawings off the wall and into reality, he asked Will to come along. Starting with the company in 2003 Will is still excited to push the envelope with each new build.

Lane Sukowaty

Electrical & Mechanical Specialist

Lane is Kindig-it Design’s electronics specialist. He has years of experience in the automotive field, having built competition rock crawlers, installed high end vehicle audio systems, and has fabricated among the highest level hot rods and custom vehicles both personally and professionally.

His interest and passion for this industry was instilled in him from his father who built and raced cars for many years before moving onto building custom fabricated show cars, and led to him earning a diploma from WyoTech in Automotive Maintenance.

Kaden Cornett

Apparel Honey Badger

Kaden grew up in Northern Utah and the Ogden area. Kaden has always appreciated the aesthetics of cars and going to different shows as a kid. His working career started with a company that converted and customized surplus military trucks into custom survival and rescue vehicles for private owners. While Kaden worked there, he helped out with metal work, welding, paint, and assembly. Then when Kaden met his Wife, Baylee, he soon moved down to Salt Lake to be closer to her and find a job in the city. Lucky for him she knew a guy, and in August of 2016, he was hired. Even though Kaden has worked on cars and trucks and is quite knowledgeable on engines, suspension, and paint he enjoys the slower pace working the Showroom, Apparel Store, and Shipping Department. He also occasionally travels to shows and works at the Kindig-it Booth. Kaden is happy to have the experience of running an apparel shop and the ins and outs, as someday he wishes to run a Business of his own with his wife. Kaden enjoys Craft Brews, Local Concerts, and a good horror movie.


Brandon Jones


Brandon is originally from West Valley Utah chills up north in Ogden now. His laid-back wife, kick ass son, beautiful daughter and two awesome Pitbulls make up the rest of the family. Brandon’s passion in the auto industry started at a young age. He has been customizing and building rides for many years. Joining the Kindig-it crew back in 2009 as a Body Man gave him a chance to work with longtime friends KevDogg and Dave. Brandon’s focus is still on bodywork, but he will also regularly step into other roles of the business as needed to keep the builds on track. Every build he has been a part of offers something new and is revered as another accomplishment. Brandon feels that this is the best shop to work for and there is no other place he would rather be. In his spare time, you can spot him on his custom Harley or in the garage spending quality time with his rides. Brandon is a low-key guy, with a love of good work—and good beer.

Eric Larsen


Eric grew up in St. George, UT then moved to SLC in 2006 for a change of pace and to explore new opportunities. He began his metal fabrication career in various ornamental iron shops and customizing motorcycles from home, he has made many art pieces housed in galleries around the country and city. In 2013 an opportunity arose to join the Kindig-it team as part of the GM Futurliner crew. He specializes in metal shaping, precision welding, and fiberglass. After work, you will find him working late on his vintage vans and motorcycles with the help of his two dogs and a wonderful girlfriend. Eric loves spending time with the team at Kindig-it both in and out of the shop.

David Pufahl

Shop Runner

Young David is a Utah native and has been around cars his entire life. He started coming to the shop when he was 12 or 13 years old, and Dave would give him a tour. After his high school graduation, David stopped by the shop one more time and Dave needed a runner and gave him the job. David loves working at the shop; he enjoys all of the side jobs he does. David says the crew is so fun to be around and he hopes to be with the Kindig-it family for a long time. Besides cars, basketball is his main passion. We’re happy to have David as a friend and a member of the Kindig-it Design team!

Bryce Green

Body Shop Manager

Bryce was born and raised in Utah and is grateful he can work in his home state and work at such a high caliber shop. When he was young his father would take him to car shows and he fell in love with Mustangs! He restored his first car, a 1968 Mustang at 16-years-old and that set fire to his dreams if building cars. At 19-years-old he served an LDS mission in Hong Kong, China for 2 years. When he returned to Utah, he met then married his wife Sydney, and she supported him in pursuing his hot rod dream. They moved to California for a year while Bryce attended WyoTech. Afterward, he applied at Kindig-it Design, was invited to try out, then Dave offered him a job. He started in September 2013 and has loved every minute of it. Bryce, his wife, and 2 kids love to get out and have fun snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking playing sports & just spending time with family.

Jason Pringle


Jason Pringle has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years. He grew up around hot rods and is completely self-taught. Jason started his career in the car audio industry and eventually gravitated to custom shop work.

Jason loves working with his hands and has a passion for mini trucks even building his own. He had worked with Kindig-it Design previously as a subcontractor and is very excited to be back as a full time member of the Kindig-it Design Team. Jason is passionate about everything custom and says he just wants to build cool stuff.

Greg Hebard


Greg grew up in Motor City, Detroit Michigan, where he first acquired an interest in cars. After moving to Utah in 2005, he began attending the University of Utah and building motorcycles in his free time. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Greg started working as a machinist and fabricator in the hot rod industry; Greg believes it is incredibly rewarding to build custom things from scratch using traditional tools and techniques. He’s interested in anything fast! Dave thought Greg had a killer attitude and some bitchin’ skills. He started working in November of 2014 and has been an awesome fit with the rest of the crew.

Jason Lynch

Metal Shop Manager

Jason has been a part of Kindig-it Design since January 2015 and specializes in everything custom. Growing up in Kentucky, he got his hands-on building skills from his father, Jim. Jason has always loved cars, building things, and making them unique from the ground up. He started as a dealer technician turning wrenches and soon after, a master tech at multiple repair shops, but he got bored with the repair industry and crossed over to the custom world. Jason was the body man and painter at the Antique Auto Shop in KY, and electrical tech assembling the cars. Soon chasing his dreams moved him to Utah and to another custom shop in Logan, UT, where he was the lead fabricator, metal shaper, and started doing the custom interiors for the cars that were built. After meeting Dave and showing him what he might be able to do, Dave said he’d love to have Jason on his team, which brought him to Kindig-it Design in SLC. When Jason isn’t kicking ass in the shop, he loves snowboarding and skijoring with his Huskies. We are glad to have such a jack of all trades on our team who is willing to help wherever he can whether it’s interior, body, metal, or assembly, you name it he’s got it.

Brian Gull


Brian joined the Kindig-it Design team in July 2014 and specializes in body work.  Brian spent 16 years before Kindig-it Design working as a collision repair technician with various companies.  He is what you call a bodywork guru.  He loves what he does and has no desire to change his career. He has been married for 18 years and has two sons that are 12 and 9 years old.  He loves to spend time with his family and likes to go fishing whenever he can.  He also really likes to play footbag (which is commonly known as hacky sack). Brian is a key member of our body team and helps make our cars curves look sexy.

Javier Lopez

Body Man

Javier was born and raised in Mexico and as soon as he moved to the United States, he started working on cars mainly working as a body man for the last 25+ years. He has been happily married to his wife Marybelle, they have 2 beautiful daughters and 2 wonderful grandkids. Javier was introduced to Dave through a mutual friend and began helping them part-time until he was able to join the Kindig-it family full time in May 2016. Javier is responsible for the amazing cutting and polishing of our slick paint jobs. He has loved working at Kindig-it where everyone treats each other like family. Javier hopes to stay here for many years to come building badass cars!

Mike Wilkins

Body Man

Mike is from Cheyenne WY, his passion for cars came at a young age, he used to help his dad and grandpa working on cars. As he got older his passion for cars became a way of life. His love for drawing naturally merged with his fascination with cars and motorcycles. He is proudly a self-taught air-brush artist. Painting and airbrushing his and his friends’ motorcycles became a pretty good paying hobby. He and his son enjoyed watching Bitchin’ Rides together, he would always tell his son and wife that if he could ever work in a shop like Kindig-it Design it would be a dream come true. One day as he was leaving work a friend tagged him in a Facebook post stating that Kindig-it Design was looking for a body tech. After talking it over with his supportive wife they submitted his resume to Bryce the manager. Mike started officially in March 2018 and all he can say now is that dreams really do come true.

Paul Hernandez

Assembly & Mechanic

Paul Grew up in Long Island, NY. When Paul was younger he and his brother like to build cars and truck projects together. He attributes his mechanical ability to his father, a retired aerospace engineer. He has been in the automotive industry in one form or another his whole life, in his professional career he started as a mechanic for an Auto dealership, then he moved out west to create his own Hot Rod and Restoration Shop for a few years. He moved back to New York and worked for a larger restoration shop and honed in his skills further. Paul really wanted to get back to the mountain west, so he sent a resume to Kindig-it Design and hoped for the best, with his great timing and skills he got picked up right away and has been enjoying working with the talented Kindig-it Team since October 2017. Paul with his positivity and willingness to help whenever & wherever needed makes him a bitchin’ addition to the Kindig-it Team & Family.

Ryan Pranghofer

Body Man

Ryan was born and raised in Klamath Falls OR. He started working on cars with his Dad when he was in grade school. That developed his passion for Street Trucks; He finished his when he was 17, he takes it to shows here and there and has won a few awards, but to him, nothing compares to the time it was featured in a truck magazine. He did collision work for many years, but custom work is where his passion lies. Living in Klamath Falls, his opportunities for custom car work was very limited. He knew he would have to venture out eventually to pursue his passion. He started at Kindig-it Design in October 2017, after asking Dave about a position at the Hot August Nights Show. He said to send my resume, so Ryan did, then came out to do a test trial at the shop then started for real 2 weeks later. After living in a small town in Southern Oregon his whole life, moving to SLC has been a bit of a culture shock. Moving with his girlfriend Kristina and his hoard of fur babies has made the transition easier for him. They spend most their weekends exploring SLC and going to Street Truck Shows when they can.

Matthew Wolfe

Body Man

Matt the oldest of 4 raised in Kansas. As a kid, Matt always loved messing with things to find out how they worked, from taking apart old CD players to building his own Light Bright out of some wire, blinker bulbs, and using a jump box to power it. He had always wanted to follow in his Dad’s footsteps, by fixing and racing cars. He started out his automotive career as a lube tech, he quickly realized he would much rather be on the body side of things. When his Dad had an opening in the body shop for a helper he jumped at the opportunity to further his automotive knowledge, 7-years later he became the Lead Body Tech for his father, another job opportunity arose at a custom shop. Matt knew it was time to move on to bigger things, he never dreamed it would lead him out of Kansas and west to SLC, UT to work at Kindig-it Design.  In his spare time, Matt likes getting out and exploring nature and has a lot of fun building custom/replica hot wheels or just modifying anything with wheels.

Daniel Lujan

Metal Fabricator

Daniel was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM In his early days his dad introduced him into the custom car and truck scene through uncountable car shows and helping his dad in the garage most nights customizing cars. He is a 100% self-taught welder/fabricator, focusing on his love for mini trucks and anything lying flat on the ground. He has built many custom air suspension setups, one of them being his best friend Abe Silva who is president of a car club he belongs to called Baliztik. One of Daniel’s biggest accomplishments is a truck he built outside his dad’s house under a pop-up canopy with minimal tools and a welder and in the end getting featured in multiple magazines including Truckin, Street Trucks, and even getting featured in the 2017 SEMA show. Currently, he is building an ‘85 c10 that he proudly built 95% of the truck on his own. Daniel sent in his application for fun and didn’t expect to get a call back the next day! With support from his amazing girlfriend Jamie who backs him up on anything, they moved themselves and their 2 dogs to Salt Lake when Daniel was hired in July 2018. He couldn’t ask for a better place or better people to work with every day.

Matthew Torres

Body Man

Matthew was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. He is married to his beautiful wife Sinead. He and his wife love Utah. They enjoy being adventurous outdoors together and serving God in any way they can. Matthew started as a body technician at Kindig-it Design in January 2018. Before he moved out here, he co-owned a collision/custom repair shop for almost 5 years where he did most of the paintwork. Matthew got his start in the industry because of his first car, a 1997 Acura Integra, which was a piece of junk, says Matthew. So, he decided to learn anything he could to start fixing it himself. He was a collision repair – body tech for most of his start in the industry, leading up to opening his business. He worked with a lot of newer, common vehicles but his passion was with imports and exotic cars. He has a 2000 Turbo Honda S2000 that he has been building and has been keeping him busy for about 5 years now. Being around Hot Rods is a whole new world for him, but he really enjoys the process and believes he fits right in with the “modern classic” look that Dave envisions and creates for our builds. He loves the attention to detail and the creativity and talent of the entire team!

Freddy Carlson


Freddy is the Automotive Refinish Specialist (Painter) at Kindig-It Design.  He started working at Kindig-It in July 2017. He has been in the collision repair business for two decades, 18 of which at Rocky Mountain Collision in Pleasant Grove UT.  He got into the car industry at the recommendation of his younger brother who is also in the business. He started out prepping cars for paint. Eventually, he got the opportunity to paint and the rest is history.  He came to Kindig-It at the recommendation of the paint manufacturer representatives. Freddy is from Orem UT and graduated from Orem High School.  He is married and has 2 kids, a 12 & 9-year-old. They are his greatest achievements.  He truly enjoys spending his free time with his family. He loves sports, mostly football. Freddy also has a great passion for music, he has played guitar for 20+ years. He loves what he does and feels it’s an honor to be a part of building these amazing cars.  He also loves long walks on the beach, puppy dogs and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Brad Tippetts

Head Tour Guide

Brad is from Grantsville, UT he grew up a car-loving guy. Spending most of his life enlisted in the Air Force Reserves and retiring as Chief Master Sargent after 26 years of service, Brad started working at Kindig-it in October 2014 while continuing to work at the Tooele Army Depot as an assistant Fire Chief. As the Head Tour Guide, he is able to interact with people from all over the world and enjoys getting to know everyone who comes to the shop. His interests are focused on classic cars, attending car shows, and constantly growing and changing his personal collection of cars. Brad has been married to his wife Holly for 27 years. They have two daughters; Sidney married to Derrick, and Madison, married to Jordan. They also have one granddaughter, Kendall.